Tenants Information


Welcome to your new home, we know you have made a great choice! 

By moving into one of our homes, you accept responsibility for electric and gas utility accounts for the property. Please be sure to contact the power company to have the utilities put into your name. Also, do not forget to transfer your mail and internet service.
Your Monthly rental amount is due on the 1st of each month.
After receiving the keys and doing a walk-through, if you’ve noticed something else what was missed on the move in inspection, please sent email with full list and photos to your property manager no later then 2 weeks after move in date.

Maintenance Request can be submitted to on site manager, via your tenant portal, or email : auburnoffice@ebmc.com.

For Maintenance Emergency Please Call (530) 745-9801


Now that you are moving out, You have the right to request an initial inspection and we highly recommend that you call and schedule with the on-site manager 5-7 days prior to giving up possession. Your lease agreement requires that you leave the property in a clean and undamaged condition. This inspection allows to determine what cleaning and repair items were missed so that you have time to correct this before turning in keys. We have every intention of returning your security deposit as long as you have fulfilled your agreement with us.



Refrigerator:     clean, wash and disinfect all surfaces inside, around and under the fridge.

Range: Clean all surfaces to remove grease and burned on particles, thoroughly clean knobs and polish chrome surfaces.

Rangehood:     Clean all surfaces to remove grease and burned on particles.  Remove, clean and reinstall filter.

Dishwasher:     Clean debris out of dishwasher; clean and polish front including knobs.

Cabinets &       Remove all lining material; wash and disinfect all shelves and

Drawers:           interior surfaces.  Use wood cleaner and polisher on cabinet and drawer fronts.  Clean and shine countertops.

Sink:                Scrub and clean sink with appropriate cleanser.  Clean garbage disposal insert or gasket, cover and sink strainer.  Polish faucet set.

Floor:               Sweep, scrub, strip, wash and polish using non-yellowing chemical.

Other:               Thoroughly clean light fixture covers, electrical outlet covers and switch plate covers.  Clean areas between appliances and walls and cabinets as directed by the Manager.


Bath/Shower:   Thoroughly clean tile and porcelain surfaces.  Polish faucet sets and chrome.

Commode:       Remove disinfectant devices in tank.  Clean and disinfect all surfaces.  Clean water cut-off valve and pipe behind commode in wall.

Sink:                Clean and scour sink; polish faucet set.

Floor:               Sweep, clean and disinfect.

Other:               Clean mirror, cabinets, drawers and medicine cabinet.  Remove all lining material; wash and disinfect all shelves and interior surfaces.  Use wood cleaner and polisher on all cabinet and drawer fronts.  Clean and shine countertop.


·           Clean all light switches.

·           Clean all window and sliding glass door tracks.

·           Clean windows, interior and exterior on ground floor.  Clean exterior on second floor if they can be cleaned from the patio or landing.

·           Clean front door and light fixture by front door.

·           Sweep patio and entry. Sweep cobwebs from around sliding glass door and other areas.  Clean patio fixture.  Clean sliding glass door.

·           Have carpet professionally cleaned, submit receipt.

·           Clean doorknobs and cabinet pulls.

·           Clean washer/dryer hook-ups.

·           Remove debris from fireplaces and thoroughly clean ashes from fireplace interior surface.

·           Depending on the condition of the mini-blinds, they should be dusted while still installed or if very dirty, removed from the brackets and washed. ·           Apartment | home must be left in rent ready condition and Manager may specify other items to be cleaned as necessary

We conduct a final inspection when you vacate the premises and will schedule repairs for any new damage we identify. We will deduct the costs for these repairs from the deposit and return the remaining amount to you within 21 days from the move out date.